Chess “Game for all ages”

Chess board is a word known game with the grandmaster title to its credit. Generally crafted from wood, chess board comes in several materials and colors. We have wooden travel chess boards in sizes ranging from 7″ to 16″, crafted in fine rosewood and also magnetic chess sets. 3 Ace Chess Set comprising of hand made inlaid solid Sheesham wood is a winner as you get a 16″ Board with 2 extra queen.


Sheesham Wood


Perfectly Crafted

Non-Magnetic Variant Available


Sizes Ranging from 7" to 16"

With an Extra Queen

Beautifully Handcrafted Chess Pieces

The handcrafted wooden chess pieces are the perfect size and easy to grasp.

Felt Bottoms For Added Protection

The felt bottoms protect the chessboard from scratches and reduce noise when playing.

Smooth Chessboard With Eco-Friendly Polish

The chessboard is made of high quality wooden material, boasting a smooth surface with no sharp edges.

Convenient Storage For Chess Pieces

Every chess piece has its own interior storage slot, making it convenient to organize.